Junior Certificate English

Junior Certificate English is a very approachable exam designed to let you show off what you know rather than catch you out. About 75% of the exam will be unseen until you open the paper.

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What's on the Junior certificate English course

  • Reading
  • Personal Writing
  • Functional Writing
  • Media Studies
  • Drama
  • Poetry
  • Fiction

What's the Junior certificate English exam like?

Higher level students sit two papers while ordinary students only site one paper. The timing for the two papers is very different with ordinary students having less time time on any one question and so are not expected to write as much. The Junior cert English exam is essentially testing the quality of how you write (express yourself) and your understanding or comprehension of other writing. 

Any tips for doing well in Junior certificate English?

Make sure you pay attention to the details like grammar, punctuation, spelling and hand writing. Good vocabulary is very important to doing well so try and take note of any new words you come across. A good way of learning quotes is to record yourself saying them and then play them back on your phone. Before you start writing a longer answer such as an essay try and put together a quick plan.

Download the Junior certificate English Syllabus

Download the Junior certificate English Guidelines for Teachers

Download the Junior cert English Chief examiner's report (2006)