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How I got a H1 in Leaving Cert Home Economics

By Eimear Dinneen - 3 minute read

Home Ec is one of the best subjects you can do in the Leaving Cert, in terms of gaining life information and practical experience/knowledge. In this blog, Eimear goes through her tips and tricks on getting a H1 in this subject.

In Home Ec you can learn so much, from mortgages to water systems to recipes to diseases, etc. It's so broad and so beneficial. Unfortunately, because you're taking in so much valuable information, it can get really hard to absorb it all and to apply it in a test, this is where this blog and guide is here to help. Hopefully, you'll have a better understanding of the exam and how to go about studying this subject, getting the mark you deserve!

Pay Attention in Class

The classroom is where you'll do the majority of your learning so you need to pay attention. Try to really absorb the information your teacher gives you. If you have little exams in class throughout the year, study for them and do them as if they were the real deal. If you disregard these because they "don't count for anything" you won't get experience or practice in giving the information needed in the exam. Those exams are like a form of studying so take advantage of that opportunity.

Practice, Practice, Practice

I'm sorry but it's really the most effective way of studying. Just keep doing out all the past exam papers until you know them like the back of your hand. You'll thank yourself later.

A great way of gauging what you don't know is trying out our Quizzes feature. Based on past exam questions, our quizzes are a great tool for testing how much you know on a particular topic.

Don't quit, ever

There might be times when you feel you just can't try to learn everything that's required of you. I know, I've been there. But you can't quit! You'll surprise yourself with how much you remember in the end. Take regular breaks in your study and if you feel exhausted by a topic in particular, just leave it alone for a while and come back to it when you feel ready. Don't feel guilty about this either, there's no point wasting your time studying something that's just not going in.

Study Right

Since there's so much to learn, you really can't waste time with study methods that don't work. There are some tips in our other blog here and there are also many helpful students here on Studyclix that have lots to offer on their study methods, tips, etc.

You can read my guide and tips on how to succeed in Home Ec by clicking the link here.


Keep doing past exam papers, frequently review your notes and don't let exam related stress get the best of you. You'll be great!

We're wishing you the best of luck in your study and exams!

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