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How to get a H1 in the Leaving Cert Technology Exam

By Gráinne Enright - 2 minute read

Technology is a great subject and one that you can do really well in. In this blog, Gráinne goes through her top tips and tricks on getting a H1 in this subject.

Learn by Doing

You will learn more and remember more by doing things. And it makes your classes more fun. Ask questions. If you do lots of practical stuff, you’ll learn and remember more about things like materials, tools, processes, components, mechanisms, electronic circuits, and safety. 


Practise lots of free-hand sketching hand sketching during the year: If you can get good at drawing, it will help you in the exam and it will also help you do the sketches and drawings for your Project Folder.

Do a Good Job on your PROJECT and PROJECT FOLDER

Plan your project out, start early. You can get close to 50% long before you do the exam. That frees you up to study to get more points from the exam.

Click here to view our blog on doing well in the Technology Project.

Also, do a great job on your PROJECT FOLDER too - It’s worth the same marks as your built project! Start it early and fill it out it as you go along, not at the end!

Use a project folder template provided by your teacher, and fill out every section, and view some sample folders on the T4 website 

Time Yourself in the Exam

Allow yourself enough time for each section in the paper and an additional 5 minutes at the end. If you run over time on a section, move on to the next section, you may be able to come back to them later. Whatever you do, don't leave the exam hall early!


For more tips and tricks, read our Technology Exam Guide by clicking the attachment below.

Last, but not least...

Take your time, relax - and show off all you know! 

Best of luck in your tech exam!

P.S. If you want another helpful resource when studying Technology, check out our very own Studyclix Flashcards, including all of the essential key words and definitions for the LC Technology course.

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