Leaving Cert | Junior Cycle

Introducing: Brand New Studyclix Digital Flashcards

By Megan Thornton - 2 minute read

Here you can find our new digital flashcards for Leaving Cert and Junior Cycle, a brilliant resource which should make the way you study much easier!

Say hello to Studyclix Digital Flashcards, a new feature to help make your studying easier.

What are Studyclix Digital Flashcards?

Our flashcards have got a whole new look! You can now use Studyclix flashcards interactively to study for the Leaving Cert and Junior Cycle.

How do they work?

Click through all of the flashcards you need to know in each topic using the previous and next buttons on the flashcards. Typically the term is on the front side, and you can tap the flashcard to flip it and see the definition on the other side. A great way to test your knowledge!

Want to mix it up? Hit the shuffle button. Looking to test yourself again? Do it by hitting restart. 

You can also share and print them or view the full deck. It's all at your fingertips!

Where can I find them?

If the topic has flashcards, you will find it in the videos and notes tab of that topic under the heading 'Created by Studyclix'. 

What subjects are they available in?

We have flashcards in the following subjects:

Leaving Cert

Junior Cycle

Who can access them?

Any Plus or Premium users automatically have access to all available flashcards as part of their upgrade. If you're on Basic, you can access the first 5 flashcards in any deck but must upgrade to Plus or Premium to view the rest. Click the button below to find out more.

We are in the process of making more subjects in a number of different subjects so if you would like to see them in one of your subjects, let us know. 😊

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