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Introducing: Studyclix JC and LC Maths Construction Videos

By Aoife Baldwin - 3 minute read

Our team of Studyclix Maths Experts have been working tirelessly to create a comprehensive set of videos demonstrating ALL LC and JC Maths Constructions. Seán from Studyclix is back to explain, step-by-step, how each construction should be completed to achieve top marks on the day of your exam.

Demonstration Videos for all JC and LC Maths Constructions

These videos should be a really useful way to help you to practise for the construction question which almost always appears in some shape or form on the JC and LC exam paper!

What constructions are covered?

We have made videos to cover all 22 constructions. Remember, not all are examinable at Junior Cycle and at Ordinary Level, so we have listed out which ones you need to know depending on the exam you are taking! We have even created a checklist that you can print out and use when you are revising.

  • Junior Cycle OL: 1-2, 4-6, 8-15 (see checklist here)

  • Junior Cycle HL: 1-15 (see checklist here)

  • Leaving Cert OL: 1-2, 4-6, 8-21 (see checklist here)

  • Leaving Cert HL: 1-22 (see checklist here)

Where can I find these videos on Studyclix?

You can find our construction videos on the 'videos and notes tab' in the following topics:

You can also access these videos on Youtube! To make life easy, we have organised these videos into YouTube playlists which you can access here:

We have attached these video demonstrations to any relevant past exam questions to help you as you are practising questions!

How should I use the videos to my benefit?

We recommend completing the construction yourself as Seán works through it in the video (pausing it if necessary). Make sure to have your maths set and some blank paper ready before clicking play. We also advise attempting the construction a second time after the video is complete to test yourself.

Some of our key tips for geometric constructions

Some of the constructions are very similar to each other. Make sure you know the difference between each one to ensure you do the correct construction on the day.

You will need your full maths set (compass, ruler, pencil, set square and protractor) on the day of the exam. Don't forget to bring it in as you will almost certainly be using it at least once. Having your pencil sharpened in advance will also save you time on the day!

To make things easy for the examiner, your construction should be as neat as possible. This is why it is so important to use pencil (and not pen!) as you can erase any mistakes easily.

Construction lines (for example arcs drawn using the compass) must be visible. You need to prove to the examiner that you have used the correct tool, so make sure these are clear in your constructions. You get marks for them!

We hope you find this series of videos useful. Make sure to let us know what you think of them on our chat function! :)

Best of luck with the study!

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