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Leaving Cert Midterm Break Guide: Best Things to do between Now and Christmas

By Aisling Walsh - 2 minute read

Gabrielle is back to walk you through some study strategies to get you ready for your Halloween and Christmas exams. 

In this video, Gabrielle goes through everything you need to know about the midterm break and how to make the most of it!

You can watch the video below:

This video is broken down into three digestible sections, outlining what to do.

  • Before the midterm exams

    Gabrielle emphasizes the importance of revisiting past class tests, diving into past paper questions, and not hesitating to ask your teacher for some crucial guidance on what topics to prioritize in your revision.

  • During the midterm exams

    Gabrielle encourages you to be on top of your game by getting your homework done ASAP, to explore some fun, creative study methods to keep things engaging and enjoyable, and to remember it's important to take a break during the midterm to recharge. 

  • After the midterm exams

    Gabrielle recommends establishing a solid study routine or schedule, being open to experimenting with new study methods and not to procrastinate – start preparing for the exams as early as possible. 

Throughout this video, Gabrielle shares some helpful resources which can be used to implement her advice. Check them out below:

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