Podcast: Setting Up For Success - Tips On How To Plan Ahead

By Nessa Dinneen - 1 minute read

We're one month into the school year now and chances are the "fresh-start" motivation you had in the first few weeks is wearing off now. From how to get motivated, where to start, how to plan - this episode is your guide to getting off on the right foot this year.

Eimear and Nessa are all too familiar with that feeling of starting strong in a new school year and losing that momentum as the weeks go on and the exams still seem far away.

But they've been through it all and working for Studyclix, they have equipped themselves with the best tips for study and productivity throughout the years. And on this podcast, they want to share with you the steps you can take now to guarantee success when exam time comes.

To hear these great tips, listen below:

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