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Podcast: Tips for 6th Years (Interview with Aisling Walsh)

By Nessa Dinneen - 1 minute read

To kickstart the new school year, we decided to interview past 6th-year student (and low-key internet celebrity!), Aisling Walsh, on the Studyclix Podcast and get her to share her tips.

If you're a secondary school student on TikTok, chances are you've come across Aisling's videos on the Leaving Cert. Aisling made a name for herself as "Leaving Cert Girl" on TikTok by documenting her life as a 6th-year student. 

We ask Aisling what it was like accidentally becoming TikTok's unofficial Leaving Cert correspondent and how she coped with that during the normal stresses of 6th year 

While she felt she needed to study long hours to achieve the high points needed for her dream course, she recognised that everyone works to their own ability and loved being a source of motivation for other students

To listen to our full chat with Aisling, search "Studyclix" wherever you get your podcasts. Or you can watch the video podcast on Youtube!

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