The Yeats Podcast: A guide for Leaving Cert English students

By Nessa Dinneen - 1 minute read

If you're studying the poetry of WB Yeats for the Leaving Cert, this podcast is for you!

Having already recorded very popular podcasts on Othello, Macbeth & Emily Dickinson, we've teamed up once again with Leaving Cert English teacher, Peter Tobin. This time to bring you a podcast about the poetry of WB Yeats.

Listen to Peter as he takes a deep dive into the life and works of Yeats, giving thoughtful analysis on the themes and poetic style

Peter looks at each of the 10 poems by Yeats that feature on the Leaving Cert English syllabus. There are timecodes listed below so you can only listen to the analysis of the poems you're covering.

We recommend having each poem to hand while you listen to the podcast. You can find all of these poems by looking them up on Google. 

Peter Tobin has his own Youtube Channel where he regularly uploads free and brilliant content covering the Leaving Cert English course - we can't recommend enough that you check him out and hit subscribe to get updates on the new videos he makes.

Have a listen below, or wherever you get your podcasts!


1:56 - Yeat's Biography

11:13 - Influences

14:36 - Lake Isle of Innisfree

16:29 - September 1913

19:17 - The Wild Swans of Coole

21:20 - Easter, 1916

24:49 - An Irish Airman Foresees His Death

27:12 - Sailing to Byzantium

29:49 - The Second Coming

32:11 - From Meditations In Time Of Civil War

34:32 - In Memory of Eva Gore-Booth and Con Markiewicz

36:46 - Swifts Epitaph

39:08 - Politics

40:26 - Under Ben Bulben (Parts 5 & 6)

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