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Video: 3 things every Junior Cycle student should be doing

By Nessa Dinneen - 2 minute read

At the end of the Junior Cycle exams this year, we asked our followers on TikTok what advice they’d give to people doing it next year. Here's a summary of what they said.

What would you do differently?

Once you've been through the experience of sitting through the Junior Cycle exams, you definitely have more of an idea of what you'd do if you had to do it all again. So if you're heading into 3rd year now, it's good to know what mistakes past students wish they didn't make!

The Wisdom of TikTok

There were over 500 comments on the TikTok video we posted asking for advice. Gabrielle looked through them all and made a list of the 3 main points she saw repeated a lot.

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