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Boost videos excel your study through:

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Boost makes studying more efficient by:

  • Including only the essential content that will be on your exam
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Our videos are short and focused, meaning you won't stray away or get distracted.

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You can use Boost to prepare for class, catch up on missed material, and revise.

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Who made this content?

We've worked with some of the best teachers and state examiners in Ireland.

Liam Hennelly

Liam teaches biology and chemistry at Belvedere College, Dublin. He has been an examiner for the State Examinations Commission and helps create our exam-focused learning material.

Lorraine McInerney

With 20+ years of experience helping students get the best mark possible in Biology, Lorraine currently teaches in St. Joseph’s Secondary School in Tulla, Co. Clare.

Alan Boal

Alan teaches chemistry and maths at the Royal and Prior Comprehensive School in Raphoe, Donegal, and has over 10 years of teaching experience.


Any Boost add-on lasts for the duration of the school year (until July 1st).

No, you can buy a Boost subject add-on without having to buy Plus or Premium. While we recommend you do so that you get the best chance possible to study with the best resources, it is not necessary, and you can stay on Basic while having a Boost add-on.

Currently, Boost is available in the following subjects and levels:

  • Leaving Cert Biology, higher level only
  • Leaving Cert Maths, higher and ordinary level
  • Junior Cycle Maths, higher and ordinary level

Currently we have Boost in the following:

  • LC Maths
  • LC Biology
  • JC Maths

We'll be adding more subjects soon so stay tuned. Don't hesitate to get in touch via info@studyclix.ie to let us know which subjects you'd like to see Boost in the most.

The main difference is the price. Boost for each available subject only costs €49.99, and you get access for the school year. A grind costs roughly the same but for each session, of which you might have many throughout the year.

Boost offers in-depth explanations of topics & concepts, tests your knowledge and provides insider tips and advice on how to succeed - much like a grind! The only thing Boost doesn't offer is an in-person experience where you can chat one-to-one with a tutor, but we've put a lot of effort into our videos to make it feel like the teacher is right there with you, teaching you all you need to know.

We asked our users to recommend the best teachers in their school who positively impacted their learning. We also contacted state examiners for the Leaving & Junior Cycle exams. We then asked these teachers to create Boost content for us. They are highly knowledgeable and well-trained in their respective subjects. Check out their bios here to find out more about the individual teachers and their qualifications.

Definitely! The structure and content of Boost is based on the science of learning. This means we've laid the content out in such a way as to optimise how you learn and ensure you stay engaged while studying.

The content is all bite-sized so it never feels daunting - just click on your first lesson and we'll take it from there!

We sure do - all mandatory experiments are covered in detail, ensuring you have all the knowledge you need on the day of the exam, and that you understand it too!

You can indeed. Look out for this symbol on any of the notes to print them out:

Boost is more effective than a revision book thanks to the interactivity element. Our videos help to keep you engaged and create a feeling of being in a tutor's lesson. Boost also has test-yourself tools which track your learning and help to keep you on the path to success.

Absolutely. Boost works across all devices and browsers, so you can use Boost wherever it's most convenient for you.