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New Junior Cycle CBAs

you know the way we had to do a cba for english, science and business? Will that be added on to the grade we get for the written exam or will we get a separate grade for the cba??

for science im pretty sure its 10 percent as well as english and i think business but i think that one cba is going on the profile of achievement like above expectation exceptional blah blah
noooooooooooooooooo, the ASSESSMENT TASK which is a mini exam based on your CBA is 10 percent, The CBAs are graded seperately in , below, in line, above expectations and of course exceptional. Some schools including mine got our CBA results before a department inspector also checks them, as they are marked by our teachers first.
The final exam is worth 90% of the final grade. The other 10% is from the Assessment Task which was completed during third year. This a reflection on CBA 2. The CBA’s are graded using word descriptors (e.g. Exceptional) and do not contribute to the final grade found on the Junior Certificate. The results from the CBA’s and the final grade all appear on the JCPA (Junior Cycle Profile of Achievement) which is distributed to students a while after they receive their initial results.
No it wont be added on its seperate grade for the cba
cba 1 wont be added to the final mark but cba 2 which is done in third year will be around 10% of your result. For most of the subjects it is the reflection that is graded not the cba itself
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