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Help!!!! I'm so bad at english, from formal language, to shakespeare, to unprepared questions. If anyone has any tips for me to help me get a Merit or even a Higher Merit, that would be great. Time management is also a big factor of my low grade in Mocks, and I don't know how to fix this especially since there is no definite structure for the paper to base my timing on while studying!

Hey i would advise you to make sure you know quotes and key scenes from your studied play,film,books,poems and be able to give character descriptions and describe their relationships. also learn off the poetic techniques, and have a few poems learnt off too. As for writing and time management i would advise you to start writing as soon as you open the paper, for my english jc that i got an a in i went straight to the questions at the start instead of reading the piece which wastes a few mins,instead i read the questions then went and looked for my answer. Make sure you spend the recommended time on each q and move straight on to the next section if your time is up. Good luck
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