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How do I get an A in english(urgent)
Liopad Junior Cert English3

I try my best to study, but I can't do unseen stuff, I have timing issues and my answers are too short

Practice unseen poetry on here, or ask your teacher to cover it for you. If oyu have timing issues the only way you can improve is by doing sample questions and setting a time for you to do them in (multiply the amount of marks a question is worth by 0.66). Learn quotes or use your opinion to make your answers longer.
There is no A in English anymore. The grading system has changed and this also applies to Science and Business Studies. Here's the new grading system: Distinction: 90% - 100% Higher Merit: 75% - 89% Merit: 55% - 69% Achieved: 40% - 54% Partially Achieved: 20% - 39% Not Graded: 0% - 19%
Thanks for the help
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