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French Postcard Not note HL
temii Junior Cert French3

Any important points to know on the french post card as its definetly coming up not the note

They could trick us and put the note up again
i doubt so cause the note came up 2 years in a row and its a pattern
it's due to be a postcard, and there will more than likely be points concerning: - when you arrived in the destination that they will give you and where you are staying eg: je suis ici en belgique avec ma famille dans un hotel pres de la mantagne. - they will probably ask you to mention something about the area eg: in 2014 it was you love looking at the snow on the mountains, and they love asking you to say the town is pretty etc. so learn describing words for villages/areas etc. - then they will more than likely give you an actitvity you're going to do, or get you to say something you're going to do everyday. learn the future tense and maybe some places that you could go or activities you could do.
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