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1st year geography test
andrearing Junior Cert Geography — 31/05/16 3

have a a geography summer test tomorrow what do i need to know

F.marshmallow — 31/05/16
what were the topics you've covered after christmas?
zuzik13 — 31/05/16
I hope I'm not too late but I'll tell you what was included in my 1st year Geography exam: there were questions about earth's crustal plates and boundaries; earthquakes; volcanoes; fold mountains; rocks; you should expect a question where you answer by examining a given graph and there are also the layers of the earth. You should also be able to answer a long question about earthquakes or volcanoes. Personally, I think that the questions are likely to be repetitive or used from junior cert past exam papers. As long as you know the basics, it should not cause you too many problems, and by the way your exam may differ from my first year exam as I am now in 3rd year and the course may have changed so make sure you study others things as well if necessary. Good luck :)
Jakewade7 — 31/05/16
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