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Does anyone have Factory Worker in the Ind. Revolution?

Hello, does anyone have a people in history essay for a factory worker in the industrial revolution ?

A worker in a textile factory My name is Sarah Smyth and I work in a cotton mill in Lancashire, England. I operate a water frame that can spin hundreds of threads at a time. I am told that a man named Richard Arkwright invented this machine. We mill-workers are exploited unfairly. Men who work the powerlooms upstairs are paid a mere sixteen shillings (£1) a week. A woman gets only half of the pay of a man. The mill is five stories high and is hot and humid. However, workers are forbidden to open the windows as this might lower the moisture level in the room and cause cotton threads to snap. Mill work can also be very dangerous. Last week a woman got her hair caught in a machine. It ripped off part of her scalp and she is lucky to still be alive I work from 6am to 8pm with only a half hour break for breakfast and an hour for dinner. I have to get up at 5am each morning and I always feel exhausted.. Even children as young as six work in the mill. They are made to crawl under machines to gather up pieces of cotton. They get paid the equivalent of 2 cent an hour for this dangerous work. If only we workers could form a trade union, then we might be able to force the mill-owners to pay and treat us more fairly. But most people in government support the rich factory owners, so the law forbids workers trade unions.
That is a good answer. You could maybe mention Robert Owen too. Be careful to read the question. many got caught in the mocks where they were asked about Factory owner and wrote about a Factory Worker.
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