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Mock Cookery Practical
Faith_Ogun Junior Cert Home Economics — 5d ago 3

Our school does a mock cookery practical and I want to know if there is anything I should focus on. (apart from hygiene, proper chopping metohds)

Ellen_.xx — 6d ago
put a cloth under your chopping board when you are using it and make sure u dont through a whloe load out r ull loose marks
adrienneO — 6d ago
They will mark you under the following headings: 1. Analysis of the task given 2. Costs/ingredients/timeplan 3. Skills - show off your chopping, grating, rubbing-in etc 4. Cooking Principles - is your oven at the right temperature, are you allowing your rice come to the boil and then simmering it? is it cooked correctly (not over-cooked or undercooked) 5. Hygiene: is your hair tied up? wearing an apron? hair tied up? nails short and clean? did you wash your hands? 6. Safety: keep your knives out of the washing up bowl, wash blades safely, use oven gloves, mop up spills, dont run with the kettle, handles of saucepans kept in. 7. Resource Managment: don't waste water (use a wash-up bowl), close the oven quickly after opening, what are you doing with your waste (wrap up left over veg), put veg peelings in the compost, clean plastic/paper/ in the recyling bin. 8. Appearance of the finished dish. 9. Flavour and Taste of the finished dish. 10. Evaluation of your dish.
Faith_Ogun — 5d ago
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