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2nd year christmas exams

hi, can anyone share any 2nd year christmas exam papers to help with study in any or as many subjects as possible. thanks

In my 2nd Year Christmas Exam (2017), we were asked to; 1) Fill in a Gramadach section 2) Answer a question on studied poetry 3) Answer a question on studied prose 4) Write a letter 5) Write an Eachtra/Scéal 6) Oral on Sraith Pictiurs 7) Listening *Note: Every 2nd year Christmas test varies. You will usually be asked on what you have covered from September of 2nd Year up until your Christmas Tests. **Note: As you are the first year to do Irish as part of Junior Cycle, your syllabus is different to the syllabus of the old Junior Certificate
Sure ur only second year yet dont worry
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