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2nd year christmas exams
grace2004 Junior Cert Irish — 09/11/18 2

hi, can anyone share any 2nd year christmas exam papers to help with study in any or as many subjects as possible. thanks

ronangriffin2003 — 08/11/18
In my 2nd Year Christmas Exam (2017), we were asked to; 1) Fill in a Gramadach section 2) Answer a question on studied poetry 3) Answer a question on studied prose 4) Write a letter 5) Write an Eachtra/Scéal 6) Oral on Sraith Pictiurs 7) Listening *Note: Every 2nd year Christmas test varies. You will usually be asked on what you have covered from September of 2nd Year up until your Christmas Tests. **Note: As you are the first year to do Irish as part of Junior Cycle, your syllabus is different to the syllabus of the old Junior Certificate
Smartypantaloons — 09/11/18
Sure ur only second year yet dont worry
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