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Matt Lowry Junior Cert Irish — 07/06/16 11

Any predictions of what could come up in the litir and scéal for 2016. HELP PLEASE

Molly2001 — 06/06/16
2010 paper was similar to 2015 so possibly 2011 and 2016 :)
Benmartin — 06/06/16
i agree molly ;)
JCScenes — 06/06/16
In what way were they similar?
Ifeoluwa_8183 — 06/06/16
The Olympics are on this year, so maybe something with a sport theme
Lucyhvarn — 07/06/16
Does anybody have a prediction on what tense is going 2 come up in the grammar question
Lucyhvarn — 07/06/16
And can the conditional tense come up
davidogrady — 07/06/16
No don't think so
davidogrady — 07/06/16
What about filiocht any predictions ?
Elisha447 — 07/06/16
Aimsir chaite should come up in grammer if you check the pattern! They can ask the conditional but they never have:) any letter predictions??
Georgeh13 — 07/06/16
The letters are usually the same stuff, look at the exam papers
KellyNiamh — 07/06/16
Duine and a feeling hasn't come up in a while so I reckon this will be the year for the poetry. So it could be duine uaigneach/brónach/i ngrá... Regarding the tenses, I reckon Aimsir Chaite Aimsir Fhaisteanach came up in 2015, Aimsir Laitreach came up in 2014, Aimsir Chaite hasn't come up since 2013 so this is the year for it I'd say
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