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any information on music.

I don't do it myself but my friends seem to like it, youll have to look at different time periods, notable composers from that time and be able to identify their work, Youll also have to play as insturment, be able to tell apart insutments - even ones that only have slight differences like fiddle and violin by sound alone and make sure your comfortable singing in front of the class hope this helps and goodluck in whatever you decide to do
i honestly wouldnt recommend it unless u play the piano , its kinda of the subject where talent is more important than hard work (ps this is just my opinion )
i find music to be a very enjoyable subject. its not a huge amount of work and tje new junior cert papers are very straight forward. i would recommend that of you are going to pock misic, that you make sure you know what you are going to do for your practical exam which will take place in 3rd year - as this will be equal to abour 35% of your overall grade. if you are doing piano. you need to be at least at grade two ( or just grade 2 standard) All in all i think that it is a great subject and one that you could also learn a few new life skills out of
i do music and i love it-mainly because id played the piano. you learn so much skills in music
i dint play the piano, i play the flute and love music personnaly. i think its a great subject if you are good at it because its fun and breezy but if you have never touched an instrument in your life and coukdnt tell two notes apart then maybe take a pass on the subject
In my opinion, for jc music you should already have musical experience when going into the class. Like at least be able to read music. Also playing an I strument in my mind is a must but if u can sing like rlly well then that's okay too. Like you could do it without previous experience but I think it's better to have a bit of music knowledge before going in bc it's just easier.
if you play an instrument , you will automatically find it easier. if you dont, and have no intwrest in learning one, dont.
yeah if u play an instrument especially the piano i would definitely recommende it but if not then in my opinion it is quite hard and i would not recommend it
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