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Any work experience ideas
Stargirl Junior Cert SPHE4

Any ideas for work experience! What places would e useful for doing work experience that will be helpful in the future. Any ideas accepted will be useful. Thanks

primary school?
local supermarket to get a summer job?
Depends on what you would like to do in the future. For example, If you like ACCOUNTING you could do work experience in companies like KPMG If you want to pursue a career in MEDICINE, you could look into working at hospitals or nursing homes If you enjoy MAKEUP you could try for e.g MKF Institute mkfinstitute.com/courses-2/transition-year-work-experience/ If you can tell me what you are interested in I can provide some more help. Hope this helped though!
i reccommend going to a place where they'll give ya a good 'goodbye' gift (;
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