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2016 manufacturing
effaaa Leaving Cert Accounting — 18/06/17 6

Does anybody know how to do the wages working from last years manufacturing?

eoinm673 — 18/06/17
Why are you doing manufacturing? it wont come up...
effaaa — 18/06/17
The working could be put into a sole trader/company
HMadden — 18/06/17
Gowan ye boyo yup yup yupppaaaaa
pd15 — 18/06/17
I'd assume you're trying to do the factory wages working. In that case, put the effort into wages workings related to suspense in sole trader and company instead of manufacturing since you're unlikely to see direct factory wages related to a company or small business with no factory ;).
Shane147 — 18/06/17
club will be on the paper
mattw_1713 — 18/06/17
ratios will not be appearing this year #fact
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