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H1 Accounting Folder
Evan6 Leaving Cert Accounting — 07/09/17 3

I achieved a H1 in the accounting exam this year - I have decided to sell my 2 folders for this subject. Almost every question that has ever appreared on the accounting exam since 1998 has been completed in this folder along with the complimentary marking scheme. Also I have all the mocks from 2010 including DEB and exam craft. I achieved 613 points overall so rest assured that these notes are to the highest standard. Email me: evanofla99@gmail.com

Dania222001 — 29/08/17
I just sent an email!
Ryan_Larko — 31/08/17
e-mail me if they are still available.
Evan6 — 07/09/17
still available - email me :)
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