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Ag science 2020

im a 6th year and i wanna start ag science anyone have tips for me?

too much to learn in one year
you have a full diary to write all experiments and the course to learn its way too much to do in less than a year
get into bed
dont do it unless you do biology
It is possible but it will be tough, I started it a month back and there's a project in it which you'd really want to be doing asap. I do highly recommend the Revise Wise revison book on it because it has everything and then just do all exam papers on Studiclix. You will need an Ag Teacher to sign off your project so you should try see if there's a teacher around to do that for you. Another good option would to find a grinds teacher to help you.
its too much to learn
you can defintelty do it, sure youd get the project done in a weekend
only do it if you really need it very risky on your other subjects starting now. go to an ag science or biology tecaher and there advise you best. make sure you have a book or go to an revison course in a grinds collage to get notes and them courses would u make you aware of shorcuts etc
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