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H1 Standard Ag Science Experiments

My name is Micheál and I received a H1 grade in Agricultural Science. I know how difficult it is to find the time to do all of the experiments on the AG course but these are crucial marks that can be almost guaranteed if your work appears impressive enough to the correctors. I dedicated a huge amount of time into carrying out the experiments [listed below] , so that I had the photos needed to secure as many of the 45 marks going for this section of the project as possible. I also have my write ups for each experiment listed including detailed Methods, Results, Conclusions and unique Discussions/'Applications to Agriculture' for each. It helps if you can do some of the expeiments yourself but I understand how hard it is to find the time to do them all in such a short space. If you're interested in the experiment photographs I have and/or the experiment write-ups that are listed below, please contact me at martinmicheal15@gmail.com Ecology • To investigate abiotic and edaphic factors in a grassland. • To carry out a qualitative and a quantitative survey of the botanical composition of permanent grassland. • To carry out a qualitative survey of the fauna in a woodland habitat. Soil Science • To determine the organic matter content of a soil. • To show flocculation in soil. • To compare the infiltration rate (drainage) in a sandy soil and a clay soil. • To show the effects of heating and cooling on rock. • To demonstrate capillary action in a sandy soil and a clay soil. • Determine the pH of a soil. Plant Physiology • To test for the presence of starch in a leaf. • To prepare a slide of a dicot stem and examine it under a light microscope • To investigate the factors required for germination. • To investigate the digestive activity of seeds during germination. • To investigate phototropism in plants. • To investigate geotropism in seeds. • To estimate the sucrose concentration in grass. Animal Physiology • To determine the percentage of water and solids in a sample of milk. • To test for the presence of one named constituent of milk (Lactose). • To demonstrate the action of the enzyme catalase in liver. • To carry out a dissection of a sheep's heart. Genetics • To observe two different characteristics from crossbreeding animals (coat colour and polled or not). • To research the breeding of a Cripps Pink ‘Pink Lady’ apple. Microbiology • To assess the hygiene quality of milk using resazurin. • To demonstrate the presence of microorganisms in animal feed, soil and air. • To isolate, grow and show the presence of Rhizobium bacteria from the root nodule of a clover plant.

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