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Jessica b
What Questions should i cover?

I do applied maths by myself so im looking for advice on what questions to cover. I've covered Q1-5 so far and ideally i'd want to cover 7. Im thinking that i'll do differential equations but we haven't done that in maths yet so I dont want to cover that yet. Im stuck for what other question between the rest. I was thinking maybe the circular motion/simple harmonic motion question maybe because i didnt like it in physics (partly because my teacher is so shit) im thinking that if i put the effort in it will make the phyics question really easy in comparison but im also weary that if im already not the biggest fan of what we covered in physics ill probably not like the AM questions either. The problem is that with no teacher i have no idea what any of the other questions are like so im hoping someone could give advice or if you do applied maths with a teacher what questions have they decided to cover. Any advice would be appreciated im feeling a bit lost here

Hey, I'm studying this myself too, the questions I'm choosing to do are Q1-6, Q10. I'm doing Q6 and Q10 just because i find differential equations & circular motion + SHM interesting. I'm not really going for Q7-9 because I just don't like them. Differential Equations in AP maths are solved a bit differently to the way you would solve in the normal maths course so I just went ahead and thought myself pretty much all there is in integration. I really don't know what much to say because I'm in the same boat as you. I usually try to do the things that interest me which may not be smart at the end of the day because the topics I like may be really difficult compared to other ones. Good luck in your journey in AP maths! Try joining this group if you can: https://www.studyclix.ie/discuss/Leaving-Cert-Applied-Maths/2020-applied-maths-group-chat
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