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yeah1214 Leaving Cert Art — 16/06/16 6

I have two hours till exam and have The Bronze Age Romanesque Gothic The Iron Age left WHICH IS MORE LIKLY TO COME UP AND SHOULD I DO

Rebecca_9265 — 16/06/16
If you know bonze age Iron Age and newgrange you are guaranteed a question? I'm not sure about the others we don't do them sections! Good luck today ☺️
yeah1214 — 16/06/16
I only know Newgrange ��, Thank you I'm going to need it
Rebecca_9265 — 16/06/16
Newgrange is rumoured to come up it came up on the mock so don't Worrie!
Aideenfreeman — 16/06/16
Romanesque ����
yeah1214 — 16/06/16
yeah I hope so I know the Bronze Age kinda but Newgrange better, okok thank you
mazzagirl24 — 16/06/16
knowing romanesque and gothic well will gurantee you a question
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