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hpat when and how?

I want to do a Medentry preparation for the hpat. If i purchase it in 5th year, can I keep it for 2 years or? I don't know if I should start preparing in 5th year, rather than do it all in 6th year, as I am very busy outside of school already. Thanks.

the Hpat exam only valid for 1 year. there is no point in doing it in fifth yr
i got mine in november of 5th yr but it was only valid for the hpat that year which was a nightmare & they only allow u extend it for another yr if you havent made use of many of the resources so i was lucky so if ur going to get it in 5th yr maybe wait til the hpat is over march maybe ? id say start preparing before 6th yr to ease some stress and familiarise urself w questions maybe in summer of 5th yr
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