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Business or Accounting

idk which to choose business or accounting for leaving cert. Any advice??

I'd personally go with business, accounting for me was much harder and much easier to make mistakes in, also very easy to make costly mistakes in accounting but if you like working things out over learning a lot of defintions then accounting might be for u
Business is very focused on learning definitions but if you have a logical mind and are slightly business minded you will find it fairly easy. Not sure about accounting but heard it is difficult.
do not do accounting
I do both business and accounting and i think accouting is better to be honest. Business is boring and there is a lot of information to learn but accounting is hard to understand
Buiness course is very long and detailed, but I find it very interesting. Accounting is mainly maths, once you grasp it it is just pratice. I personally like both, it just depends whether you like learning a lot of theory or like doing accounts. (Also considor what other subjects you are doing, and whether they are very theory based)
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