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Business or History

Should I change from Business to History?

Noooooo. Business and history are both heavy learning subjects but if you switch to history you will be writing essays. (basically english all over again) Unless you are good at history and got an A in the jc don't switch
What stage in the year are you? Pick the one you're best at. If you're not sure, then choose the one most appropriate for your future job/that you find the most interesting.
I'm in both history and business and to be completely honest they're both a pain but I personally enjoy my history class more because I get on well with my teacher But it just depends on your own personal preference as they are both theory heavy subjects! Since you've spent a year learning business i'd say it's best to just stick at it and try your best to achieve what you can instead of moving to another subject just to get hit with a whole load of new information that you have to learn!
Breege Duffy
if it was me i would dtay in business ,because if u do not know what u want to do business can open the door to m,any oportunites to u ,so personallt i would stat, but it is up to u .
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