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Is the titration question worth doing ?

i know the question is guaranteed but it seems like theres too many kinds that can come up and was wondering would it be better to focas on the other 2 questions

I think so, easy marks if you learn the preperation for the titrations, and learning indicators is repititive and simple marks can be picked up. Also if you learn how to do first principles for the calculation at the end of the question 1 I personally think they can be lovely to answer. But again its personal preference its just the other two questions could literally be anything. titrations all have the same flow of preperation of the clonical flask, burette etc
if you look at the titration questions majority of your marks are going to preperation steps and colour changes etc the maths of it is also a large chunk of marks so very easy questions to gain marks on
If you look at past titration questions they all ask similar questions: mostly about preperation of pipette or burette, colour change etc. The calculations are pretty simple if you just practice a few. It's probably one of the nicest questions on the paper.
like 98% of stdents do question one! its predicable and easy especially when you have a good method
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