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I've no study done for the mocks

so me being me i havent studied for the mocks i really need a quick guide i can follow so i can focus and quickly get a bit of practice beforehand any advice and study websites videos . i do maths english irish chemistry physics engineering german lvcp

me too bro feel you bro just gona wing it. also im single so if any body is looking for some, just hmu x:smirk:
Hi, the mocks is not a permanent grade. Don't waste time worrying, just focus on past exam papers which shows you how exams are layed out and the questions that may appear along with a few chapters You haven't studied but this is Not the Leaving cert. You have a second chance! No matter what you get in the mocks, good or bad, it isn't the Leaving cert, things can change, just study and work consistently. Good luck, Adam :)
Evan M Murphy
@gracemonty whats ur sc there?
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