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Maths in Chem

i did ordinary maths for my jc and got a b, Im takin on honours chemistry for 5th year but i was wondering if it would be hard to get a good grade and is there a lot of maths?I really want it to be one of my best but the maths is putting me off :)

shane coyle 999
There is a fair bit of maths in chem but its managable. a lot of it is simple ratios ( which are difficult at first but become so natural). chemistry is a very very hard subject but if you stick with it its managable. There is a section called stoicheometery but it doesnt come up as a full question and can be avoided.
maybe you should do ordinard chem probably
its okay to do as long as u practice the stoichiometry questions on the exam papers....and keep practising........i dont think u need h.l maths to do the stoichiometry in Chem....as all that is involved in the stoichiometry is division, multiplication and simple calculations.......howeverit does take time to get used to it...... and will seem hard at first.........
yes there is maths but its not like you are solving equations most of the time... maybe look up sample stoichiometry questions to get a good idea
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