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Precious_.xoxo Leaving Cert Chemistry — 12m ago 7

hey im currently in ty and have been looking at different courses to do in college. Im very interested in medicine but im not great at chemistry. Can anyone tell me if chemistry is difficult and what part of the course was most challengeing. Thanks in advance:relaxed:

harryoke22 — 3d ago
what is medecine?
viviennexxx — 3d ago
Chemistry can be difficult in the beginning but once you get into it it becomes much easier. Different parts of the course will be more challenging for different people. Some people find the calculations difficult and others find the theory more challenging, it really just depends on you. Its definitely a subject worth doing especially if you are thinking about medicine as you'll have to learn it in college anyway. :))
maryosullivan19 — 2d ago
i luv it
Dunn — 1d ago
Im in 6th year and love chemistry and think its great. It is fairly challenging however if you can understand the theory of it it helps a great deal.
lazzybenetton — 1d ago
hi, i think you should look at the requirements for all the collges that offer medicine, like for example in ucd you dont have to do chemistry. im i sixth year and i find chemistry quite challenging but interesting. you need to be quite good at math and just general interpretation. good luck!
moanna — 1d ago
as @lazzybenetton said, chemistry isn't a requirement in most colleges! that being said, i love chemistry. it's challenging at first but once you understand, its pretty straightforward and exam questions repeat regularly. for me, the hardest part of the course was organic chem, but after doing questions it's honestly fine
Precious_.xoxo — 12m ago
thank you all
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