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DCG or Physics??

hey! I just got my subject choices for 5th year, had to rank in order of preference, I asked for 1. chemistry 2. biology 3. french 4. music 5. history 6. DCG and ive gotten chem, bio, french and DCG, and im worrying about the DCG lol. i could swap it for physics, but im not sure. im good at maths, and my parent thinks three sciences will complement and also serve me well for medicine, which im thinking of, but i also think i hate physics and i was good at TG. I just really didn't think id get DCG and im concerned lol, because TG drove me mental. thanks so much for any help!!!

do dcg. its easy enough just the project in 6th year is a bit time consuming. i chose it as a 'break' subject so i only had to study 6 subjects really.
as someone who did both and likes math too, DCG is much much easier and physics is a lot harder and more time consuming. Personally I'd recommend DCG especially as you already have two sciences.
DCG is basically the exact same as junior cert TG, the project is time consuming if you want a H1 but you won't have to study just do practice questions
I do physics and i absolutley love it but 3 science subjects would be extremely stressful and if u enjoyed TG then DCG should be good i think what ur doing is a good idea since it wont leave u with as much stress
I was in the exact same situation as you. (I chose DCG, french, bio and chemistry) If you were good at t.g this will be a breeze. The only issue is that the project is pretty time consuming and might interfere with hpat preparation since they're around the same time. However during exams its pretty easy to revise and alleviates some of the pressure at the end of the year.
I had picked both DCG and Physics at the start of 5th year and they're both fairly difficult and different subjects. You won't be needing another science subject if you're aiming for medicine as you already do two, so I'm going to assume you're picking something up for points. I ended up dropping DCG after Christmas, even though I enjoyed TG in JC. DCG is not a quick and easy subject to study for, so I'd recommend you do it, because you enjoy it. Not to mention it can be expensive compared to other subjects. The project can only be done at school because I doubt anyone owns a PC that runs solidworks, so that can add a bit of stress if you're not into STEM type projects. On the other hand Physics is as boring as it gets and is not anything like HL maths. It is by far my most difficult subject so, it's up to you, if you're the type of person who can sit down and just learn a whole subject, your bound to get a H1 in physics. But if you like having to think in the exam and rely on your problem solving skills in the moment, DCG is probably for you.
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