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Extra Subject
cindytakyi Leaving Cert Economics — 07/02/18 10

Ok so I know everyone is in the midst of doing their mocks, but I still want to post this for some help. So I'm a fifth year student (skipped ty) and I want to drop to ordinary level Irish, and pick up economics as an extra subject outside of school, I have already gone to the economics teacher and she gave me a detailed description of economics and went through the course with me, she also said she would set up summer exams for me and send me all her notes, and help me with any inquiries I have (thank God). I'm going to my guidance counsellor today to see his opinion of it. If I do pick up economics, it'll be the eighth subject I do and so I wouldn't count ordinary level Irish. I'm doing everything at a higher level at the moment and I'm happy with my Christmas results. Anybody have advice on taking on an extra subject?

Thumamah — 01/02/18
Hi I have even picked up economics as an extra subject. So the that you are going to get can you send to me as well.
Thumamah — 01/02/18
replacement of last sentence. so the notes that you are going to get can you send them to me as well.
cindytakyi — 02/02/18
No problem, are you getting grinds or self-teaching? I'm self-teaching, do you think it would be difficult to self-teach?
Lisa_4617 — 04/02/18
hi, i'm also doing economics by self-teaching. most of the concepts are fine i think, i would just practice lots of exam questions + sample questions from the book to make sure you actually understand everything. and if you don't, you can just ask the teacher you have in your school :) also, why take 8 subjects if you're only going to count 6? would that not be very hard on you?
cindytakyi — 05/02/18
@Lisa_4617 I'm really bad at Irish and really want to drop, and my maths grades fluctuate all the time (but I'm aiming for an H4 or H3 in the LC, because of the extra 25 points)
match559 — 05/02/18
hi, im in 6th year and do 8 HL subjects including economics after school and for me i wish i had dropped down earlier in Irish because im so far in now i feel like i cant drop, so if you arent getting the grades you want in irish, economics might be the way. Economics for the most part is easy enough except for some tricky concepts. Theres a good youtube channel called ACDCLeadership which has helped clarify a few harder concepts for me, hopefully that might help you
match559 — 05/02/18
https://www.youtube.com/user/ACDCLeadership thats the link for the channel
adammmm32 — 05/02/18
i do it ,its a horrible subject wouldnt recommend
cindytakyi — 05/02/18
@matc559 I am getting the grade I want i Irish but i feel like its a waste of time, i could you that time tp focus on maths and other subject, was it like that for you? Is economics hard to get stuck in ( as in starting from the beginning or is does it ease you in then gets harder and harder
match559 — 07/02/18
Yeah that was my problem tbh, i spent so much time learning irish, onky to get H4 or scrape H3 but i couldve used the time to do better in big subjects like maths. No its a bit of both, the course is split into two parts, micro economics and macro economics. Micro is all about economics in businesses, so like costs and revenue, demand and supply of goods and services, its generally seen as the easy side of the course as its more understanding than learning and its not hard to understand really either Macro is all about governments, and the economy and deals with matters like tax, income, inflatuon and banking. It can be a little more difficukt to wrap your head around and will require a bit of work So in one way it does get harder but they do start you off with the basics (costs, revenue, demand, supply etc) before posing more challenging topics (national income, labour, capital, trade etc) One of the cons if economics is there is a lot of definitions to learn and some are difficult to understand. If you like business though id recommend, i only do it once a week for an hour and a half and im getting on fine.:smile:
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