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Taking Up Economics
VictoryAdam Leaving Cert Economics — 0m ago 2

I'm probably being absolutely mad but I'm in 6th year and I'm about to take up economics. It's not an option in my school but a teacher offered me 1 on 1 teaching in the subject if I was interested, so I said I would as a backup if one of my other exams don't go amazing on the day. Any advice on which topics to really focus on in order to maximise the amount of questions I can answer on the day? (I also do HL Business if it makes a difference)

paulinabutkute — 4d ago
definitely elasticity, supply and demand and costs, revenue and profit. they seem to come up every year. there may be more but i'm only in 5th yr and my teacher's quite bad so can't tell you more than that
PineappleMuncher — 0m ago
Definitely supply and demand with elasticity (Always LQ number 1), then LQ2 is always market structures with costs revenue and profit and LQ3 is always a factor of production. Question 4 you can choose from 5 different questions which are all mixed topics.
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