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Teaching myself economics
Nicola.Y13 Leaving Cert Economics — 6d ago 5

I didnt do business for junior cert, but econmics seems really interesting. Is it at all possible to teach myself economics? I'm currently in ty.

ingridd — 27/01/19
Just a heads up that the economics syllabus is changing from September 2019, so by the time you’re in fifth the syllabus will be different. I can’t imagine it changing majorly but just letting you know in case you were going to start learning it in TY
ingridd — 27/01/19
Just looked it up and the new curriculum seems to be composed of : 80% for the final exam and 20% for a reserach study that is to be done in 6th year. I don’t know if you’d need a teacher for this, but im just letting you know. Look up “new leaving cert economics syllabus” for the information. Good luck :)
geno123 — 29/01/19
economics is nice
Daeerrr — 09/02/19
Its a really good subject but honestly would not recommend doing it by yourself. A lot of the concepts whilst they might just simple can actually be quite complicated and do require some explaining from a teacher or someone who knows a lot about it.
AnnForte01 — 6d ago
it's complicated but there's a lot of online resources that can help you like jacob clifford etc, it would be hard but i think it's one of the easier subjects to teach yourself just don't learn fully from the book !
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