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English Poets? Will Plath come up?

Look what are the odds Silvia Plath will come up, I know Plath inside out and dont want to bother studying another poet. Terrible decision?

Probably a good chance she'll come up, there isn't many female poets on the course and if they only ask male poets I'm sure people wouldn't be too happy.
definitely study another poet! you cannot rely on just one poet. If you did another female poet then study her. If you only did one female poet then I'd recommend studying Durcan as he's not too difficult. But don't study just one.
plath coming up for sure
I think a female poet and an Irish poet always have to come up so there is a chance that she may come up but I wouldn't just study the one. Maybe study an Irish male or female poet also?
Does anybody think there will be a Heaney question. He was only on the 2003 paper and there hasn't been a question on him since .
Hey, is there any point in studying Boland if she came up in 2020?
Heaney and plath 100% maybe durcan
i think boland has a strong chance of coming up as both an irish and female poet , but also because she died in 2020
bishop is also very accesible , if you like plath i think keats is a good one to look at , they both tackle similar themes , in very different ways , but it would be more familiar
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