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Improve in English

does anyone have any tips on how to improve my english (subject wise?) I used to be so good at it, but even the simplest question will throw me off. I'm quite worried as my exams are coming up and I'm heading into leaving cert next year.

read sample answers over and over again
Over the summer read books and poetry. It honestly helps so much. For trying to get a grips with the question, read the question and rewrite it in your own simple words. Once you understand the question, make a quick plan on what you want to say. It's better to use 5 minutes before you start the questio to think than to spend 10 minutes in the middle of a question panicking because you can't think of anything else to say
Honestly read books, ones that you enjoyed I was reading all lockdown and summer when I was in 5th year i failed HL english i got like a H8 on my assesment and in 6th year on my first exam back I got a H1.
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