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staying on topic in paper 2

im seriously struggling with conveying my point using only sentence or two. i've far too much to say. staying within word limit takes more of my energy than actually writing the answer does. any tips at all would be greatly appreciated, i don't know what to do at this point.

if it doesnt go towards youe purpose mark, dont say it! in a shakespeare essay for example. its intro, 5 paragraphs and a conclusion. in each paragraph discuss one point, and within your point use 2-3 examples. have sentence structure, e.g. state your point, quote it, and refer back to question! good luck :)
sophies point here is great similarly I find it easier to follow the code PQEI in each paragraph. P: make your point, Q: Quote, E: Explain your point and quote (basically show how you link them together), I: give an "I" statement (basically just make another expenation about the point but just add in a "I believe"/ "I found" at the start). make sure to just constantly look back at the question to stay on topic, personally i hilight and underline the key information. I hope this helps, best of luck :)
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