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Im really stryggling, need help ASAP

Im in HL, i had a teacher for 1yr and half until she dipped cuz we got her kicked out of school for being terrible. Literally, the worst situation... we had a okay teacher from december until now but we have only crammed topics jus in time, and all we have are lengthy notes.. I need to pass this exam, whats the minimum i need to do HELP

Same boat here, cramming lots of info is hard so my plan is to just learn off lots of phrases you can use for many topics like " the government has set up organisations to combat ____" you can mention homelessness or polution etc., say how you feel about it . Wont get you loads of points but its something. Worst comes to worst, try your best at the comprehensions. Best of luck!
All of the writing parts amount to only 25% so you should be fine if you try do good comprehensions and a good aural. It'll be ok, don't panic!
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