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Listening test

how did the listening for you? did any actually find it okay? my friend is a native french speaker and she even found it difficult to understand due to it being muffled and too loud at times

Yeah instead of getting a H1 that I really wanted and worked hard for idk anymore... really messed me up and I usually find listening the nicest part of the exam since the written is usually worse!
Hi guys. Just so you know, you're not the only ones complaining about this. It's a nationwide issue that it has even appeared on many news outlets. Please, you and all the people you know that did the French 2019 exam should report to the following email regarding this: info@examinations.ie and aidan.farrell@examinations.ie. The second person is the French chief examiner himself. The more people that report, the more serious this issue will be taken: Subject: Leaving Cert French Listening Main: Exam number Exam centre number Scenario: muffled, was sitting in front but still couldn’t hear Keep it short Invigilator’s support on it Didn’t realise that I could put up my hand as the mumbling happened during tape Get the principal’s support Half of the question on one page, another part in another page. Very bad proofing. this should give you a guideline on what you should do. this will NOT affect your paper whatsoever, as that is in fact illegal. Also, essential french cork is spreading a Twitter hashtag so please check their Instagram and Twitter pages too. GUYS, PLEASE DO THIS BECAUSE THE MORE PEOPLE THAT DO THIS, THE MORE THE SEC WILL TAKE THIS MATTER SERIOUSLY. WOULD YOU LIKE THIS RIDICULOUS MUMBLING TO COST YOU A WHOLE GRADE, AND IN THE LONG RUN, COST YOU YOUR FIRST PLACE, NO, YOU WOULD'T! SO JUST DO IT!
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