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predictions for essay piece???please!
serena1411 Leaving Cert French — 11/06/16 13

Has anyone got any predictions for the essay piece please?

Sarah_7402 — 21/05/16
Environment, Learning 2 languages, Migration, the EU, Advertising, Doping in Sport, (and sport in general). It's hard to predict this because it's so varied but know your vocab and know your verbs and you'll be grand for any section.
serena1411 — 24/05/16
thank you so much!
Bengee — 27/05/16
I'd say there's a fair chance something on Euro 2016 will come up as sport didn't come up last year and it's held in france
serena1411 — 28/05/16
okay thanks
jozx7r — 28/05/16
I've heard a lot of people predicting Obesity or Environment ..
EimearAG — 28/05/16
is it likely for the Olympics to come up this year?
Sarah_7402 — 31/05/16
The Olympics could come up in a reading comp and then maybe something on doping in sport in the written section? :)
aimer — 05/06/16
Sarah_7402 can I ask why you are preparing advertising? ?
gillianbrady — 10/06/16
Does anyone have notes on Irish culture/ learning languages and migration that they could send me?
Dearbhaile_5808 — 10/06/16
Do you think alcohol will come up?
njhoran — 11/06/16
you can't really predict for french as it's always all over the place and really random
Jamie004 — 11/06/16
Yeah French is hard to predict. No one in my year expected Stress to come up in the mocks.
serena1411 — 11/06/16
ya I'm freaking about it, more worried about irish tho need at least a B2 :/ but Okay thank ye anyways!
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