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Hi Guys!!! My name is James and I received a H1 in LC history last year. I was a H3 student throughout much of fifth year and the start of sixth year, however, I gradually changed my approach and reedited a lot of my essays to include more argument and opinion which paid off in the end despite the long hours. Since starting university in Dublin, I've been helping lots of students with Leaving Cert history, so I've compiled a booklet together with just under 60 pages and well over 28,000 words. Each of my essays are H1 standard, corrected and re-corrected by an experienced history teacher who always strives for perfection. All the essays combined quite literally took me two years to complete and concerns only Leaving Cert topics. (Most of the them were rewritten at least twice or three times to push myself into the H1 band which stands to reason why I'm reluctant to hand them out for free. (I hope ye understand and aren't offended). I'll list them below for you; Ireland: Topic 2 Movements for political and social reform, 1870‐1914 1. Who Was More Effective as Leader of The Home Rule Movement, Butt or Parnell? 2. Land Reform or Home Rule – To Which Cause Was Charles Stewart Parnell Most Effective? 3. What Was the Impact of the 1885/1886 Elections in Irish Politics? 4. How Effectively Did James Larkin Seek Improvements for Workers? Europe and the wider world: Topic 3 Dictatorship and democracy in Europe, 1920‐1945 1. The Nazi Regime Was Sustained Through the Clever Use of An Effective Propaganda Machine 2. To What Extent Were Hitler's Ambitious and Aggressive Foreign Policies to Blame for World War II? 3. Account for The Rise of Fascism in Germany And Italy During the Inter-War Period 4. Account for The Rise of Fascism in Italy During the Inter-War Period 5. What Were the Characteristics of Fascist Regimes in Europe During the Interwar Period? 6. Who Contributed More to The Development of Communism in Russia, Lenin Or Stalin? 7. To What Extent Did Stalin Transform the Society and Economy of the Soviet Union? 8. To What Extent Did the Purges and The Show Trials Consolidate Stalin’s Power? 9. Describe the Main Technological Advances That Took Place During World War II. Europe and the wider world: Topic 6 The United States and the world, 1945‐1989 1. What was the importance of US foreign policy in one or more of the following; Berlin, Korea, Cuba 2. To What Extent Did the Montgomery Bus Boycott, 1956, Advance the Cause of The Civil Rights Movement? 3. Why Did America Get Involved in The Vietnam War? Why Did They Lose? 4. Who Handled Foreign Affairs Better, Truman Or Johnson? I found online sources (especially Wikipedia) and even textbooks quite redundant when it came to getting solid, concise and precise essays which correctors want to see. They’re good for dates and facts but they often lack argument and opinion which examiners love. I worked exceptionally hard for history and worked towards a H1 from day one of fifth year. I found technique, layout and approach were key. The corrector will most likely have at least 150 scripts in front of him/her so it’s important to come across as punchy intellectuals, argumentative and opinionated, standing out from others’ essays that read like a Wiki page... If anyone is interested feel free to get in touch. My email is jamesf99.jf@gmail.com Kind regards and best wishes for the rest of sixth year. James

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