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LC History Help! (USA) (NI)

Hey everyone, I'm currently narrowing down my choices for Northern Ireland and the US section, does anyone have any tips especially on US History, for me personally I find the American History a bit more random to predict, any opinions on 'Religion in US Culture' and 'The Economic Boom'? Any definites I should be learning? :) Thanks

Niall_3786 — 22/05/16
Learn about the economy its a serious section and they will most likely ask something about it if you go through past questions they're all very similar, also race relations is big topic which is bound to come up I would put my money on the montgomery bus boycott
Katie_3263 — 22/05/16
Oh great, thank you!
Kian — 22/05/16
if i was to do one NI question it would 'The Colraine Controversy'. Theres a sample essay on Study Clix
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