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Apps/Software for Learning Aistí?
Tedc Leaving Cert Irish1

Teacher said that recording yourself reading an essay and then listening to it back again was a good way of learning it, so I decided I might as well get into the habit of it. I recorded myself on my phone using the Voice Recorder app that came with it but it's not great - I've recorded it paragraph by paragraph since I can't read through the whole thing without making a mistake, but there's no way to play them all together, or reorganise them. It'd be a pain to try and play them all this way, so I was wondering if there's any apps for the phone or software for the computer that anyone has used for this that's helped them?

not sure if this is a stupid idea or not but what if you just pause the recording instead of stopping it each time, might work? Other than that im sure looking some free apps might be an option, wish you luck !
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