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Rachel Byrne
HL irish culture of young people essay
Rachel Byrne Leaving Cert Irish — 13/06/16 11

For the essay I wrote about the culture of young people. I discussed pressures of young people with school and the cost of college, drink and drugs and cyber bullying saying how the culture of young people is not good. Now I'm not sure if this was ok or not. Beginning to doubt myself!!

rachael__ — 13/06/16
i wrote the same so i hope so!
nneeButler — 13/06/16
Culture is a very broad topic. I'd say you are definitely fine with what you wrote ����
David Ring
David Ring — 13/06/16
i wrote exactly that too!
emzbarry4 — 13/06/16
i wrote the same!
nadine98 — 13/06/16
i wrote the same
Shane@tutorial — 13/06/16
Exactly the same!
LIAMBBALL — 13/06/16
You fine lozza
mazzagirl24 — 13/06/16
i wrote the same and came out of the exam feeling awful! glad to know i didn't write something completely irrelevant so!!!!
Michael_4289 — 13/06/16
Your essay is nearly identical to mine so yeah id say your ok :)!
Amy_6717 — 13/06/16
I wrote the exact same. s'all good
bio1 — 13/06/16
I wrote the exact same plus media influence not really cyber bullying :) all G
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