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I want to do higher level irish for the lc but i did ordinary for the jc

I did ordinary level irish in the junior cert and got a b, i moved schools at the beginning of third year and had no encourage in my previous school to do higher level irish, however, in my new school, my teachers said I was capable of doing higher level but i had no confidence and dropped to ordinary level. Now, going into fifth year, I want to try higher level, I know it will be hard and I will have to put in a lot of work but I want to know is it worth doing? Do I have a chance of succeeding and getting a pass in my leaving cert?

I would definitely do higher level if I was you. Loads of people who did ordinary for JC in my school moved to higher when 5th year started. I mean you got a B, you're clearly capable of doing higher level. Don't forget the oral is worth 40% and believe me you'll be saying it in your sleep by that time comes around. And even later on if you decide its not for you, you can always drop down but if you don't try it now you can't in 6th year. I would say go for it. In the end Irish is Irish and its the same language at both levels just a bit harder. Remember a H5 is the same points as an 01 so I would always recommend trying higher level
Yah do it if you enjoy writing essays in irish, ordinary level and higher have a HUGE gap, so be prepared to work hard if you do it if you aren't gonna work hard don't bother
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